Module 3_Section 1 - Pranayama #1 Sama Vrtti

Pranayama #1 SamaVrtti Ratio Breathing

So far you have experienced shorter breathing videos like this - the first of which taught the direction of breath (IN goes from crown to root, EX goes from root to crown). The second video touched on 'Threshold Breathing" which, simply put, is a formal breathing practice dedicated to increasing the total number of seconds that one breath cycle takes.

In this short video, I will introduce you to SAMA VRTTI ratio breathing. Sama means 'same' and vrrti means 'wave'. So this is an 'equal wave breath' in which IN=EX and RET=SUS.

These pranayama videos are windows into the next modules which are all about breath adaptation and pranayama - developing relationship with the deeper layers of you - your physiology and energetics!

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